Drupal CMS/content management system case study - Disney UP

Disney Extras

Adyax helped put some Disney magic into the hands of a new generation of users.

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When starting its work with Adyax, Disney was looking to create a more interactive and responsive customer experience, especially to improve the Disney Privileges and Disney Extras experiences on its website.

The goal was to redesign an experience that could hold the attention of visitors by offering interactive games, prizes, coupons, and a personalization based on the creation of a player profile. The brand has a series of games online with various IPs, but it wanted a more dynamic solution for in-browser gaming. To tie concepts together, it was proposed to integrate player profiles into a single sign-on experience (SSO) and central CRM.

The system would collect data and track, or even predict, spending habits while simultaneously entertaining and engaging visitors. Adyax was given the vision and high level requirements, and it went to work in collaboration with Disney and its creative agency, to help bring some Disney magic to life.



A key factor for success in many advanced digital experience initiatives is collaboration between multiple parties

Including clients, platform specialists (like Adyax) and various other third parties subject matter experts. Adyax took the lead on providing this type of program governance, which extended beyond drupal project management to oversight of the entire roadmap, stakeholder inputs and dependencies.

Happily, Disney had previously consolidated a number of technical efforts around Drupal and developed a company Drupal core. Disney’s internal teams were able to share specific regulations and parameters to guide the architecture and technical design. They also shared a specified release calendar and worked collaboratively with us to prioritize and confirm features for each release. Respecting the digital Drupal core and roadmap, and leading discussions on proposed changes when advisable or necessary, we were able to develop and integrate effectively.

Disney Drupal case study - Buzz
Player profiles on the site are accessible using a Disney single sign-on (SSO) which assures that all player data and settings are centralized across various platforms and sites.
Cross platform enterprise CMS solutions - Disney

While the initial goal was to build customer profiles and better predict IP and merchandise engagement and spending, it turned out that by adding a feature to send individualized, brand-licensed birthday invitations directly from the player to friends and family increased the rate of information-sharing and expanded the player base. We also added gamification to help boost player loyalty, using a star rating system and offering rewards in the form of discounts and promotions to keep players engaged and returning to the site. An Adyax program director provided a link between the technical team, the business and all stakeholders, keeping abreast of not only existing requirements, but also opportunities for evolution and innovation.

Disney Drupal case study, multisite - good dinosaur
Cross platform enterprise CMS solutions - Disney
Enterprise Drupal multisite and factory - Disney case study
Drupal third party integration - Disney case study
Drupal third party integration - Disney case study


Outside of supporting the primary goals of engagement & strengthening the customer relationship, the solution ends up gathering important insights and data and growing the customer base.

The overall experience is much more engaging and responsive for use across multiple devices. Disney enjoys an increase in repeat players and a far lower bounce rate, increasing both player acquisition and retention. Furthermore, by building on the Disney core and using drupal integration to integrate the experience into the SSO and CRM, Disney gained an ability to compile lists and analyze player data to better understand market segmentation. Player-based interactions help drive new traffic to the site when visitors stay on the site and connect there with friends. All in all, the site traffic increased, the bounce rate lowered, customer interaction improved, and transactions and revenue increased over benchmarks set by other Disney experiences.

Increased average session duration by 89%

In addition to the business benefits, Adyax's project governance brought a positive outcome that will improve digital projects to come. We introduced the use of agile methodologies and tightened the project lifecycle to respect both time and budget constraints. The collaborative introduction of a strict project roadmap and backlog proved not only vital in assuring that the innovation and Drupal CRM integration project was finished on time and on budget, but also to capture important creative and technical ideas that will inform the evolution of the enterprise content management solution over time without interfering with and constraining the initial release. In fact, the project was completed for less than the projected initial costs, leaving room for exciting updates and future releases.



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Disney Drupal CMS multisite case study - Disney Heros

We continue to work with Disney as a dedicated, digital partner at the platform level, putting Disney magic in the palms of users’ hands.

  • YEAR 2016
  • INDUSTRY Entertainment / Mass Media
  • COMPANY Disney