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For 70 years Le Monde has been bringing the world’s media to France. Adyax helped Le Monde bring French media to the world.

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Could a bi-media CMS really publish large-scale sites and print nearly a quarter million weekly magazines, all at the same time?

When one of France’s largest media conglomerates, Le Monde, was in need of digitizing their publishing process, they turned to Adyax. They were struggling to unite both the physical publishing and digital publishing arms of their companies, due to a dependency on legacy systems. Within several divisions of their media empire, digitization of their physical print materials was impossible and cross-cooperation between the teams was a challenge.

They were looking for a way to unify all of their publishing needs onto a single, digital-first platform and improve access to archived data. Their antiquated blackbox data storage process encumbered access, sorting and storage of valuable archival content. While they didn’t fully understand the complexity of the changes that needed to be made, they understood that the way they were doing business was much more difficult than necessary.

Telerama - Le Monde Drupal cross platform digital media


Adyax proposed a unified publishing CMS solution built on the Drupal framework, which would provide a best in class web content management system to support web and mobile experience.

By going completely digital-first, they were able to greatly simplify the entirety of their publishing process and combine resources previously divided into a single process and effort. We also proposed to free their archival data from its legacy prison, and to store it in a more accessible format using Drupal. All data and content, physical and digital, would be easily indexed and searchable.

Mobile friendly multi channel digital media distribution options
multi media CMS combines digital with print media
The approach to create a new media CMS and publishing platform opened the door to a greater range of flexibility on all media properties.
Mobile friendly multi channel digital media distribution options

Telerama, the media and entertainment arm of La Monde, which aggregates data relating to media, cultural events, and locations, was then easily consolidated and launched into the new digital distribution framework. This allowed for content about openings of new restaurants, movie and TV schedules to be published immediately for their target audience through a completely automated process. Personalization strategies, enabled by the solution, allow users to create custom made television schedules, explore the city, and stay aware of relevant events – all based on selected personal preferences. And all content created through the site could then be extracted from Drupal, edited and optimized for print, and sent straight to the publisher of print and related production.

The multi-platform media solution also allows for Courrier International, another division of Le Monde, to improve the efficiency of its global news publication by gathering articles from around the world and and sending them to a staff of journalists and writers who can then localize the content for the French audience and quickly publish to the CMS. What was previously a long and arduous task became more automated, assuring that their French readership got relevant news, faster, from around the globe.

Drupal based CMS for digital media
Le Monde drupal digital media CMS
Drupal digital media CMS homepage
Drupal digital media multi platform CMS


Telerama and Courrier International, Le Monde’s overall media and publication business, benefits from our valuable digital transformation strategy.

Editors can bring content to their readers on various platforms in a much more streamlined, simplified way. Repeated content is now published with much more coordination and automation, populated into pre designed frames that are transferred to magazine publications with much less effort. And the unification of two divisions within the company, working with a single system, allows for a faster workflow and better internal cooperation. Content created for one publication can quickly be modified and published in another format without breaking stride. The combination of all material into a single, multi-platform media distribution CMS makes this company a much more relevant name in French news and entertainment.

Magazines printed weekly using Drupal 200,000

One of the greatest benefits, however, comes as a byproduct of digitizing the media distribution process. By moving to a Drupal enterprise solution, they are able to free their old data and assure that it, as well as all future content created, will be indexed, searchable, and easily transferred without requiring a great deal of technical effort. Having data on an open source platform allows for easy future amendment to the data or CMS without significant cost concerns. The change from the archaic data storage model and non-digital publication system revolutionized Le Monde and their subsidiary sites by improving the way they published across a variety of platforms. With unified resources, streamlined publication across a variety of platforms, greater automation, and improved data storage and access.

Adyax helped this media company become a regional media leader with two websites and six magazines that reach a wider audience with much less effort - true digital transformation.

  • YEAR 2014 / 2015
  • INDUSTRY Mass Media
  • COMPANY Le Monde