Make Up For Ever - case study - CMS, Drupal Support, multisite

Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever’s CMS was in need of a makeover. The digital beauticians at Adyax came to help.

  • Better Cost Control
  • Business Efficiency
  • Consistent Brand Identity
  • Increased Conversion
  • Dedicated Digital Partner
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Efficient Product Development
  • Faster Speed to Market
  • Localization / Global Reach
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Improved Performance
  • Increase in Sales
  • More Creative Freedom
  • Process Efficiency
  • Technical Consolidation


Make Up Forever was in need of a completely new approach to eCommerce and a fresh face for their enterprise CMS - Adyax had a Drupal solution for both.

To advance their business and increase sell-through, they wanted to introduce direct, global eCommerce sales while still using their partner network for distribution. To accomplish this, the brand needed a robust multinational, multilingual, open source e-commerce solution that would allow for both best in class digital marketing and back-office efficiency. The challenge included to move from a B2B selling strategy into B2C online commerce by designing and building a centralized B2C solution to serve many geographies with localized shopping experiences, with differentiated regional content and pricing. The solution needed to seamlessly integrate to a variety of country-specific systems, including product inventory management (PIM) and pricing, discounts or promotions, and it required new content strategies, such as connecting products with how-to guides and tutorials, and supporting mini-sites through centralized, multilingual content management.

Make Up For Ever - Drupal CMS, multi platform cross-platform


Adyax, PCIS, and Make Up Forever, produced a set of specifications to describe both the business and technical requirements needed to support and optimize the solution.

The up-front requirements revealed that the incumbent Magento platform did not provide the needed support for marketing content and multilingual capabilities. Adyax recommended Drupal for a better web content management experience. Using Drupal enterprise best practices, the the platform would power a content-rich experience with multi-site architecture, dynamic content management functionality, and ease of third-party integration. For ease of management, support, and reduced overall cost of ownership, we also recommended to consolidate various domains, with different layouts, into one multi-country and multilingual CMS instance.

Once requirements were in place and the platform chosen, we led two development teams; the first architected and configured the enterprise content management system, integrated with Magento, while the second made use of existing creative assets and sliced the code from the existing site to quickly create a new theme for the Drupal eCommerce experience. This approach helped avoid duplication of effort and introduced ongoing efficiency to the development and site maintenance process by keeping the front-end and back-end code separate.

Make Up For Ever - Drupal CMS, multi platform cross-platform
Make Up For Ever - products - Drupal CMS
In the process, we also recommended UX & Design improvements and optimized the site for use with mobile devices via responsive design.
Make Up For Ever - Drupal CMS, multi platform cross-platform
Make Up For Ever - Drupal CMS case study
Make Up For Ever - Drupal CMS case study
Make Up For Ever - Drupal CMS case study
Make Up For Ever - Drupal CMS case study

Technically speaking, the team implemented feeds functionality to enable easy import and export of content by business users and site administrators, panels to enable marketing to create custom layouts, Apache Solr for improved user experience with search results, and a customized version of Entity Translation to meet their exact needs for granular control over various text fields to meet ensure localization goals. We then built a comprehensive import and export system for products which allows editors to continue to edit product information their preferred format and quickly import to the site, and third party integration to the incumbent ERP and several Point of Sale (POS) solutions.

Make Up For Ever - products - Drupal CMS, multi platform cross-platform


The site launched less than a year later, and Make Up For Ever’s brand image, global marketing coverage, and global eCommerce sales immediately improved.

The website is accessible from one domain and consolidated on a central web content management system. It allows for regional creative freedom, while introducing business process efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership both for marketing and technology, throughout the brand. The brand benefits from a centralized set of marketing tools and a shared identity across all countries, while regional brand managers can localize appropriately within the brand guidelines. Overall site structure and content are controlled, but creative freedom exists and the country level; a centralized product catalog is also translated and localized through the system.

The brand’s corporate marketing group can closely track each country’s editorial process, assisting only when needed. Furthermore, the site is optimized, in every region, for mobile browsing via responsive design. Ongoing maintenance is easier across code upgrades and improvements to functional issues; fixes applied improve all sites. Adyax continues to offer 24-7 Drupal support, but the effort is consolidated and reduced, allowing for an overall reduction in cost of ownership.



The consolidated, Drupal e-Commerce solution has won industry praise, both for its striking elegance and rock solid performance.

Make Up For Ever - Logo - Drupal CMS case study
  • YEAR 2015
  • INDUSTRY Cosmetics and Beauty