Drupal support, CMS, multisite solutions case study - Moet Hennessy casks

Moët & Hennessy

Prior to working with Adyax, the Moet Hennessy brand conglomerate, part of the LVMH Group, had several sites running on varying platforms with varying architecture and approach.

  • Better Cost Control
  • Business Efficiency
  • Dedicated Digital Partner
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Efficient Product Development
  • Faster Speed to Market
  • Localization / Global Reach
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Improved Performance
  • More Creative Freedom
  • Process Efficiency
  • Technical Consolidation


There was no central enterprise content management system for all company and brand content, and there was no unified process across the brands and regions for web development work with agencies.

Struggling to manage and maintain a variety of one-off, custom website solutions on differing platforms, the brand sought a partner who could help improve the technical approach for a wide variety of innovation and digital transformation solutions, while consolidating the technical footprint and centralizing on a central platform configured uniquely in support of the business. Moet Hennessy chose to work with Adyax for our experience with Drupal multisites and factories, and for our ability to translate use cases, user experience artifacts, brand goals, and deep technical requirements into maintainable, easy-to-use, solutions, backed up by Drupal enterprise support. Our solution to this challenge helped form a long-standing digital agency partnership.

 Drupal support, CMS, multisite solutions case study. cross platform - Moet Hennessy casks


Following an architectural and business requirements analysis, Adyax designed and built a Drupal multisite solution on which includes a set of common core modules unique to, and custom configured for, the business.

The platform incorporates a set Moet Hennessy web services which are available to all its brand websites and integrates to various business systems managed by central IT, including integration to the company’s infrastructure services, Active Directory, product information management system (PIM), digital assets management system (DAM), and salesforce.

The Drupal multisite solution is not only a consolidation of sites based on common distribution and hosting, but it also includes custom modules built specifically for MH to connect their IT infrastructure to any Drupal site built on the platform now and in the future. The solution supports various communications and collaboration initiatives, such as building a variety of business applications and business portals and web properties to support company knowledge and innovation.

Drupal CMS and intranet solutions - Moet Hennessy
Moet Hennessy Drupal multi site site factory solution
The Drupal 7 multisite goes further than most multisite distributions because it is installed on hosting, offers continuous integration, and is integrated to company-wide shared systems and services.

Not only can brands quickly spin-up new Drupal multiple sites on the platform, but Adyax has also efficiently designed and built several large brand sites, as well as a suite business portals and applications, an innovation site, a boutique eCommerce solution for VIP clients, a payment platform, and a digital toolkit to support events press. Innovation is ongoing through a lasting IT partnership between Adyax and Moet Hennessy’s brands and centralized IT services, which includes Adyax’s 24/7 Drupal support for the platform as well as helping other agencies.

Le Grand Dam - Drupal solutions
Moet Hennessy - Enterprise Drupal solutions, CMS, intranet, multisite
Moet Hennessy - Enterprise Drupal solutions, CMS, intranet, multisite
Moet Hennessy - Enterprise Drupal solutions, CMS, intranet, multisite
Moet Hennessy - Enterprise Drupal solutions, CMS, intranet, multisite


The unified, standardized environment allows for maximum creative flexibility, within a maintainable structure, that anyone can use who builds a new site experience for a Moet Hennessy brand.

The solution, called the Moet Hennessey core, provides several advantages. The web content management platform allows the company to centralize and better maintain and support a wide variety of web content management, communication and collaboration initiatives as well as to enable efficient Drupal enterprise support for the business.

The solution allows for continuous integration, ease of updates, ease of maintenance (one code base) and significant cost savings over time. It includes continuous integration tools that allow for quick creation, deployment and testing of websites that other (non-Adyax) agencies design for various brands. It facilitates ease of use for the brand marketing team and website administrators, and training on platform use and management across all brands and all staff. To support the initiative, Adyax trains Moet Hennessy staff and works with agencies that are hired, in order to optimize platform adoption and use.

Increased average session duration by 75%

Furthermore, an important consideration for any large, multi-brand or multi-national company: using the platform, multiple agencies can work on various site for various brand initiatives but with a common use of technology, on a common framework that the business can maintain and support.

Moet Hennessy - Enterprise Drupal solutions, CMS, intranet, multisite

The unification and standardization of their CMS core in addition to the company wide B2B sales intranet has allowed Moet Hennessy to embrace the benefits of digital transformation.

  • YEAR 2016
  • INDUSTRY Beverages/Retail