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Saint Gobain

St. Gobain helped build a bridge over the Grand Canyon.
Adyax helped bridge the gaps in their digital reach.

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Saint Gobain came to Adyax seeking coordination of digital properties and agencies, including to simplify the process for deploying new Drupal enterprise websites while maintaining existing properties.

St. Gobain is a multinational company that was founded in 1665 with annual revenues of $50 billion dollars; its corporate structure encompasses many companies within the construction field, each requiring a comprehensive marketing and communications presence online. In short, St. Gobain has a massive digital footprint.

The ideal Drupal multisite platform would allow for each site to have unique styling and features, but for all sites to share a common core, in order to decrease time, effort and cost spent on site deployment, maintenance and support. As specialists in Drupal enterprise content management software, Adyax quickly understood and helped define the need and proposed solution.

Drupal case study enterprise CMS - St Gobain
We designed and delivered a customized platform, unique in its ability to support the many brands and enterprise content management solution use cases contained within the overarching Saint Gobain business.


Adyax built and maintained a complex Drupal multisite solution.

Adyax designed and built a custom core for St. Gobain, built to their exacting specifications, including the modules that they preferred, and in support of requirements for existing sites and planned projects. From a business perspective, The St. Gobain common core allows for standardization of each site and for every business and brand to maintain autonomy and creative freedom, while benefitting from the the security of a central platform maintained by IT. The solution is designed to be used with ease by the various digital and marketing agencies responsible for creating and maintaining subsidiary sites and content. Once the work was complete, following a short changeover period, Adyax trained the teams who build content for St. Gobain on the company core platform and its use. Content teams no longer are strained to depend on company development teams in order to modify and enhance various brand websites at the presentation level. Brands and agencies are empowered to make changes and updates, within the governance structure of the core system. At the same time, From an IT perspective, IT can focus on Drupal multisite management: quality, maintenance and enhancement of the communications platform at the core. This alleviates the strain of worrying about varying website projects throughout the business.

The platform offers a high level of technical sophistication and is exceptionally flexible, meeting evolving IT needs. The solution allows for a broad standardization across all Drupal enterprise projects.
Drupal multisite Benefits - St Gobain

Furthermore, using a shared core across all website projects allows Drupal support improvements made at the core level to automatically improve all sites, including updates to features and configuration.

From a project governance perspective, this type of Drupal multisite consolidation, which Adyax has recommended and built for many multinational and multi-brand companies, allows for a clean delineation between “platform level” code development and “application level” design, configuration, and theming. The solution ensures projects can be clearly planned and budgeted; many typical project unknowns are now clarified and defined in the platform. For the building of the solution itself, Adyax ensured timelines and budget were well defined and strictly maintained, including the need for the project to be completed within a single release.

Drupal multisite Benefits - St Gobain


WIth a global Drupal multisite powered by a unified Drupal core, St. Gobain enjoys coordinated, consolidated and streamlined enterprise content management solutions.

St. Gobain can now maintain centralized project governance and control over many projects on a consolidated, global web platform, integrated into company systems. Planning multiple projects across multiple brands is easier due to uniform use of technology on a shared Drupal multisite architecture. Coordination between multiple parties is easier due to clear parameters for use of Drupal, which is quite flexible and benefits from platform coordination and governance. Projects are now standardized throughout the company, and there is clear delineation of ownership and responsibility. The result includes a reduction in overall maintenance requests, and the process for support is simplified.

Sites on a single platform 150

At the same time, the company’s various brands and agencies can maintain not only creative freedom and flexibility, but also responsibility, when working digitally to meet changing business needs. Creative teams can add features, agencies can add modules or new configuration patterns to support unique use cases, but all is built on top of a common core. Both creative and IT teams are empowered to do what they do best.

Today, it takes only a small team to manage the a vast portfolio of websites, with less time, effort, complexity and cost. The work will continue to pay off over time as more and more sites and apps are integrated into the platform on St. Gobain’s network. The more websites that utilize the shared core, the lower the costs, the shorter the time to launch, and the easier to maintain.

Drupal multisite CMS benefits - St Gobain

More and more value will be drawn from having a consolidated Drupal multisite solution, and the company will benefit from an exponential return on investment while enjoying optimization of their digital business

  • YEAR 2015
  • INDUSTRY Building Materials
  • COMPANY Saint Gobain