Helping NGOs and nonprofit organizations around the world expand their digital capabilities.

Doctors without Borders, The UN, French Government, and The EU chose to work with Adyax to transform their digital practice because of our reputation for having world-class development standards in the Drupal field.

Drupal has become the default framework for many NGOs and governmental organizations worldwide not just for its modular flexibility, ease of use, and affordability, but more specifically for its utility in the realms of technology and community.



The modular nature of Drupal means that it can shrink or grow as your organization's needs demand without headache.


The framework allows for automated security updates that are applied company wide to all of your company’s Drupal based applications.


Drupal allows you to publish multiple variations of your website using a common core built for your business, greatly reducing the cost and time needed to launch each individual site. All multisites can be built to your exacting specifications and scaled as needed.

Open source

Using an open source framework means that there will always be a reliable pool of developers regardless of which agency you work with on future projects. The sharing economy of the Drupal community means the framework will ALWAYS be free and open.


The largest and most obvious draw of Drupal is as a Content Management System allowing you to regulate and manage your organization's digital world.

Financial transactions

Drupal has a multitude of options for donations, purchasing, and B2B/B2C ecommerce transactions, depending on your organizations specific needs.


Digital communication.

Interaction with social web users is simplified with optimized commenting and forum options. From social media to making you own forums, it’s a better experience on Drupal.

Web-based activity tracking.

With Drupal it’s easy to show your partners, clients, and employees exactly what you are working on and the progress of projects. Allowing for clear communication that is as transparent as your business needs demand.

HR/work portals for employees and volunteers.

Centralizing your shared material and creating a mutual workspace for both clients and employees makes conducting business around the world more secure and organized.


Drupal specializes in allowing you to pinpoint your target audience and modify your content to appeal to specific geographic regions. Regardless of amount of content, language, and regional guidelines, localization on Drupal is simpler.

Nonprofit modules and resources.

The abundance of modules based around the Drupal nonprofit digital community is quite impressive. Modules such as: Open Social, Open Atrium, Open Aid, Open Outreach etc. mean that when you start on Drupal, you start with a ready toolkit to help expand your organization with no hassle.

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