Adyax Auditing

Undertaking an audit is a lot like getting a medical physical exam. Most people put it off until forced, or until it is too late.

It is important to analyze software, systems, applications, and code to ensure your digital business is secure, performant, optimized, and future-proof.

Security Audits

  • Data & Application Protection
  • Accessibility
  • Confidentiality
  • Security Applications & Third-party Systems
To avoid data access, corruption, or theft by unauthorized users or programs, we expose potential vulnerabilities in applications and databases.

We check for security updates, module security patches, accessibility controls, and security gaps in connected systems, the operating system, and the application and hosting environment, covering XSS, SQL and LDAP injections, insecure direct nodes, object ID references, file directories, ACLs, cross site requests, forgery and more.

Performance Audits

  • Digital Performance Optimization
  • Application Speed Enhancement
  • Streamlined Data Accessibility
Performance audits help alleviate Drupal bottlenecks on websites, databases, and applications. We check the site infrastructure and software to improve modules, caching, and data aggregation.

We offer tailor-made caching and Drupal module toggling tools, ensuring improved performance on all platforms. We also include secondary performance analysis, such as load-bearing tests and hardware/OS reviews, in order to enable the best possible performance from Drupal applications.

Code Audits

  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Code Redundancy Check
  • Future-proof Solutions
Code audits reveal code quality and uncover dormant issues. Audits of understandability, maintainability, complexity, architecture, and technical debt help to pinpoint weaknesses.

We analyze Drupal core health and choice of modules and point out potential weak spots. We refactor and optimize code to assure improved quality while eliminating duplication or poorly executed separation. We improve the foundation upon which future development can scale.

Custom Audits

  • Customized Approach
  • Unique Business Goals & Systems
  • Security, Performance, Code, and More
In many cases, a custom audit is the best solution, especially if needs cover more than one type of audit request.

We offer custom audits regardless of solution, system or complexity, and we offer the choice to build a support and maintenance backlog prioritized by severity and level of effort. Once a backlog is established, we remain available to help tackle the work.