Enterprise Collaboration Portals

Drupal is an awesome tool to create advanced, internal or external collaborative portals or entreprise communities. We usually start with Drupal Commons or Open Atrium distributions, both providing a large set of features.

Open Atrium and Drupal Commons

We've created internal portals for Dior, Kiloutou, Neopost, McDonald's and many other organisations, and we have deep understanding of the technology, governance and change management challenges you may face while trying to implement a collaborative portal.

Main features we're used to implement are:

  • ACL: Advanced roles and permissions management, integrated with your active directory
  • SSO: using Kerberos, Shibboleth or CAS
  • Directory: Employees directory, search and user profile pages
  • Job Board: Complete HR workflow, resume upload, job board, branch / brand / market search filters
  • Content types: Documents, Photos, Videos, News publishing
  • Groups: Closed or open groups, where users can exchange and discuss documents, photos, articles, etc.
  • Events: with subsribtions, notifications and listings management
  • Social: Comments, sharing and voting
  • Integration with entreprise applications: CRM, Lotus, SAP, SharePoint or Alfresco
  • KT: Basic knowledge management
  • Search: Advanced Search engine capabilites, with filters, facets and search by site/group/directory.
  • Analytics: Advanced usage analytics (content creation, groups usage, churn rate, new users rates, etc...)

Intranet Neopost

But the most important is being able to offer a tool that simplifies your internal clients' work. You must be able to follow and understand the way your portal is being used and how to make it better, faster and more efficient.

We can help you solving your governance, engagement and change management challenges with learnings from our work on large organisations portals. Want to see more? Contact us about your Drupal portal.