Multilingual large scale e-Commerce

One of the biggest challenges for a global e-commerce company is to find the most efficient solution to manage a large scale e-commerce platform for multilingual and multinational audience. You have to keep in mind:

  • Multiple catalogs management: you do not sell the same product lines across the globe
  • Multilingual content: How do you set up your translation workflow with Drupal? How do you manage similar languages (ie: Mexican Spanish or Canadian French)? How do you keep track of central content updates and notify your regions of those updates?
  • ERP Integration: How do you integrate multiple ERPs with a single Drupal Commerce instance? You have SAP in UK and Microsoft Dynamics in the USA, while some countries keep using Excel...

Our solution: Adyax International Commerce Drupal Distribution

Our experience has taught us how to assemble a site with the right selection of modules and configuration settings. We consider all aspects of your project and use a myriad of proven solutions.

While your needs are unique, we can guarantee we have encountered various aspects of them in the past. So we've built a powerful Drupal Commerce based start-up kit designed for large e-commerce projects. Discover some of the features included in our International Drupal Commerce distribution

  • Complete catalog management: your Drupal site becomes a powerful PIM (Product Information Management). Excel import and export of the entire catalog.
  • Multiples stores & channels
  • Customer support: you can assign tickets and solve issues with your clients orders
  • Fully customizable OMS (Orders Management System): picking / shipment / invoice / credit / refund for B2C or B2B
  • Powerful promotions engine with almost infinite combination of any kind of promotion: coupons, catalog, cart, unit or price based, free shipping, referral, private sales.
  • Taxes and currencies support
  • Shipping & Payment gateways integration
  • ERP: wrappers to integrate SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Generix and an entire toolbox to integrate any other PIM / ERP systems (logs, endpoint tests, alerts, partial synchronization, try again, etc.). Currently we support integration of: Catalog, Prices, Orders Creation, Orders status update, Invoices, Stocks from multiple warehouses.
  • Multilingual and multiple countries workflow: Central content repository, translation management, POT exports, original content updates notifications, local content override, content pack clones, missing content workflow and fallbacks.
  • Dropshipping: you can open your back-office to your partners with restricted access to manage their orders or integrate their IS trough call-back web-services (File, XML-RPC, SOAP, JSON are built-in)

You can view the presentation here to get an idea of our approach to this particularly challenging type of website. Need more? Just ask us!