Consumer Packaged Goods Drupal Distribution

The creation of sites for small brands in the retail industry is not challenging in and of itself. Reducing the build & run costs by two or three is extremely important for major groups like Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé and Lactalis. They run hundreds of brands and thousands of sites.

Retail Drupal Distribution

We've noticed that needs of those simple "retail" sites are similar; that's why we've decided to build a Consumer Packaged Goods Drupal Distribution, including the following features:

  • 25 standard full responsive design templates, your agency can adapt and customize as you need (Home Page, Category, Product, Contact, Site Map, Landing Page, Article...)
  • Standard content type and associated simple publishing workflow
  • Store locator with a simple XLS data import / export, custom maps
  • Couponing systems
  • CRM integration (SalesForce, SAP CRM)
  • Newsletters system (integration with Cheetah Mail, MailChimp, Neolane, DoList...)
  • Contact form
  • Support for multiple languages, countries and brands
  • PIM Integration
  • Digital Assets management system 
  • Search engine preconfigured to search trough branded content, products catalog
  • Social with sharing, commenting, user reviews (integration of Bazaar Voice and Disqus)
  • CRM Games (ex.: Quizz)
  • Advanced SEO techniques (internal linking, automatic glossary search, custom per page footer, etc…)
  • Simple, clean back-office UI with drag'n'drop interfaces to manage content.
  • Security: with logs, alerts, password policies
  • SSO & LDAP for your contributors.

Want to setup your own Consumer Packaged Goods Drupal Distribution? Just contact-us!