Web and Print Media Distribution

We've done a lot of work in media industry, creating high-end solutions for large and small publshing organizations. Rue89, Slate, Mediapart, Le Monde, Le Figaro, Evene, France24, France Télévisions and Livres Hebdo used our services. Based on this long experience we've built a unique Drupal distribution to manage web and print CMS.

Drupal distribution for media sites


Our Drupal Media Distribution main features are:

  • Digital assets management based on Assets module (maintained by Adyax). Supporting re-usable photos, videos, HTML, quotes, free html, sounds and inforgraphics assets. Usage tickets, licences management, etc...
  • Flexible, reusable print and web publishing workflow​
  • User roles & permissions specifically configured for a newsroom
  • Standard content types (Article, Story, Gallery, Short story, Print Issue, etc...)
  • XML Export system for inDesign
  • Mobile version and User Agent based switch
  • Commerce: subscribtions, pay per view, promotions management. 
  • Paywall management
  • Advanced free/paid content techniques (based on counters, periods, customer roles, visitors source, promotions, etc...)
  • External subscribtion software integration 
  • External news services API integration (AFP, Reuters...)
  • External phtotos banks API integration
  • Advanced search engine (Apache SOLR based) tuning
  • Geolocation with several fall-backs (HTML5, MaxMind GeoIp, declarative)
  • Multilingual support
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Mobile applications services supports
  • Complex structured content database and search support (MongoDB based)

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