The Challenge

ADEME (Agency for Environment and Energy Management) is a state-controlled industrial and commercial entity whose mission is to carry out transactions relating to the protection of the environment and energy control. They needed to consolidate multiple sources – including ECM, XML, CSV and web services – into the same knowledge base, for a large and segmented audience. The project also had to be coordinated with six other service providers, and they required a fully responsive and highly accessible site.

Our Strategy

We decided to make the Asset module and Solr search the pillars of ADEME’s document management (categorization with meta data, facet search and contextual content proposal). After consulting with the stakeholders and agreeing on all essentials, we began working on a responsive site with improvements to SEO and accessibility.

The Benefits

A contextual document bar which is displayed on every page has improved the user experience, and productivity has been enhanced by integrating feeds and contributor workflows. The front office has been optimized and the performance augmented by an accessible cross-device site.

facts & figures


French Agency for Environment and Energy Management


Administration, environment, energy, sustainability

Company size

1,000 employees, €600 million budget

Type of work

ECM integration, knowledge base