The Challenge

Bouygues is a blue chip industrial group with employees in 80 countries, generating over €30 billion in annual revenue. In 2011 they decided to migrate their real estate site, Bouygues Immobilier, from custom code to Drupal 7. Future-readiness and user experience were two key aspects of this decision. They wanted realtime listings, notifications and a user zone where clients could track their payments. Central to the new site was the need for a powerful search engine with the ability to filter many variables.

Our Strategy

After holding several collaborative workshops, we produced detailed functional and technical specs. Using these, we proceeded with the creation of the new site architecture on D7. After integrating new HTML, we implemented Apache Solr to meet their needs for complex search filters. We built a notification solution which alerted users of future options based on specific listings, areas or combinations of search variables. Finally, using the Feeds module, we synchronized various databases to fetch prices, availability and customer data.

The Benefits

As it was central to their new strategy, our bespoke implementation of Apache Solr improved the user search experience. Coupled with a notification system and a feature-rich user zone, clients are more engaged. The latest version of Drupal, our strict adherence to supported modules and minimal customization has made the site easier to maintain and more amenable to new features. We have an ongoing service agreement and continue to evolve the site.

facts & figures


The largest real estate company in France


Real estate (Construction - Telecom - Media)

Company size

1,588 employees - 2013 Sales: €2.5 billion

Type of work

Migration from custom code to Drupal 7, Apache SolR integration, support