Create a unique, responsive e-commerce ready site, managing multiple languages, countries and currencies. Céline had extremely high level expectations in terms of front-end navigation and animation.


Drupal Commerce offered a large set of tools to provide a solid basis for a conversion site. The site has to be integrated with the client's ERP and provide a set of customer services in all countries were Céline is operating.


Drupal Commerce offered a solid basis to develop catalog browsing, Feeds module were used for ERP integration and Drupal's flexibility helped with setting desired front-end animations and navigation, validated by Céline's Art Director, in person.

facts & figures


Céline has produced leather goods and clothing since 1920.


Luxury, Clothing and Leather Goods

Company size

€325M in revenue, €63M in profits

Type of work

Using Drupal Commerce; creation of a responsive website