90% of Evene’s revenue comes from Google’s organic search, and Evene was one of the best referenced sites in cultural topics. The previous version of the site was generated using FileMaker Pro and static HTML files. With more than 3,000,000 pages to migrate to Drupal, we had to preserve SEO and performance, while offering a real content authoring experience for contributors.


First we set up a realtime migration scripts so each time content is created or updated on the old site, the new Drupal site was updated too. As performance was key to success, we set up an architecture relying on Varnish, Nginx, several PHP-FPM nodes and a crawler, acting like a cache warmer. Finally, a complete URL migration plan was rolled out to ensure that we do not lose any clicks from Google.


Once migrated we were able to switch the site progressively and avoided any downtime. With intensive efforts on internal links, content silos, preserved performance and URL migration, SEO was preserved, while offering users a brand new site with hundreds of new features and a Drupal / Magento dropshipping boutique!

facts & figures


Le Figaro group, created in 1826


Multi-channel Media: web, print, TV

Company size

€510M in revenue, 1,600 employees

Type of work

Redesign and migration to Drupal of 3,000,000 pages