The core idea behind the site was offering a large vertical about health, including news, wikipedia-like articles, a symptom checker, disease database and many other health related features. The challenge was the creation of a personnalized user experience where the content is adapted based on the information we have about the user. If you're a 20-year-old fitness addict you'll not see the same content if you were a 50-year-old smoker.


We co-developed the site with CRM Company Group, working in a real agile team organisation, deploying sprints on a weekly basis. It was intense but extremely productive, as we were able to release the first version within only 4 months. Despite the advanced personnalization we implemented advanced Varnish ESI caching policy, so everything is served from Varnish, avoiding hitting Drupal on each request.


Now the site offers many new features including a symptom checker, a large health encyclopedia and a realtime feed of health articles from the Le Figaro newsroom. The site also offers a set of services like a “quit smoking” and weight-loss coaching system.

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