While relying on an old, unsupported and proprietary CMS France3 was operating in 26 regions. With several hundred journalists working all around the globe (from Carabbean to Mayotte in Indian ocean) it was necessary to offer a unified, user friendly back-office UI to author the content. One of the main challenges was the ability to contribute using smartphones.


An unsual approach was decided upon: we started to work on the back-office only. We created the entire content types set, digital assets management, content authoring workflow – everything but the front-office. This approach let us focus on journalists’ needs which were emphasized and integrated since the very first sprints to all decisions and QA sessions.


Launching 3 regions by 3, Drupal is now used in all 26 regions. Adoption rate of the new tool skyrocketed, Content production, SEO trafic and any other KPIs all saw upticks. Using a single instance with the Domain Access module we also offered reduced support & maintenance costs and a quick time to market for new features.

facts & figures


French TV, 26 regional channels, part of "France Télévisions" group.


Media & TV channels

Company size

€234M of public budget

Type of work

Create a Drupal site factory comprised of 26 sites