The Challenge

The French Government approached us in 2007 with an old site built on an outdated CMS. Due to lots of custom code and an under-supported framework, their developers found the site hard to maintain. What they needed: massive content migration, streamlined functionality for easier content management, top-notch security. Drupal was the clear CMS of choice.

Our Strategy

It took us 9 months to develop the first version of their site. Using an ecosystem of standard modules, we created the ideal publishing platform for the Prime Minister's office. We worked closely with the government's security advisors to ensure maximum protection against intruders. Compliant with their rules, we created a complete separation of front and back office, with a secure publishing workflow. Only approved content appears on the site, and it is not vulnerable to front-end attacks.

The Benefits

They gained in efficiency right from the start. Whereas it took two developers to maintain the old site, they could now do with one part-time developer. Because the site is now designed and developed according to correct web standards, it has become more accessible to the hearing and seeing impaired public. Our clear conception of the site, following best practices, has given them long-term benefits. Six years after launch they are still on Drupal with only minor changes to the front-end. They haven't experienced security breaches since switching to Drupal, and our clean code has resulted in easy site evolution.

facts & figures


French Prime Minister’s website


Government portal managed by the prime minister's office

Company size

70 million Frenchies :)

Type of work

Massive content migration to Drupal, secure content publishing platform