The Challenge

Ecometering is a subsidiary the multinational GDF Suez, specializing in sustainable energy solutions. They needed a way for service testers to give feedback, collaborate and notify each other on upcoming experiments. Before, a third party collected all this information - including interviews, polls and translations. This meant a lot of overhead, wasted time and poor interaction. The concept we proposed was a community management tool which would connect energy experts around the world; a platform based on Drupal which fosters interaction and is easy to use.

Our Strategy

In April 2013, we finished a fully functional site. Starting with a small set of PSDs, we've built iterations of these pages following Ecometering GDF Suez's style guide. To meet the functional needs, we used the Organic Groups, Notifications, Commerce and the Commerce Points modules. The latter was used for a unique gamefication system. We've created a set of rules whereby the user gets points based on number of visits, profile completion, subscription referrals and forum posts. We then added a automatic translation service using the Translation Management Tool.

The Benefits

It took us only 4 months to get a solid community website up and running. Within the first few weeks they met 50% of membership goals. Due to the success of the site and an improved brand image, GDF is now merging with other communities of energy professionals. GDF saved resources by circumventing third-party data collection agencies, and now only need one community manager to handle the site. Using the TMT tool to connect to external translators has saved GDF money by improving the efficiency of the translation workflow. 


The LabEnergie site developed in 2013 by Adyax helped shape the open innovation approach devised by Ecometering. Adyax created the site with a very quick turnaround, allowing Ecometering to quickly form a testing community, and to officially launch its first experiment in the summer of 2013. Due to the advanced features on the site - which project an image of modernity - the site has been a key factor to LabEnergie's success.

Jean-Charles JORANDON
LabEnergie Manager

facts & figures


GDF SUEZ is an expert operator in the three key sectors of electricity, natural gas and energy services.


Natural Gas, Electricity and Energy Services

Company size

138,200 employees, €97B in revenue.

Type of work

Community site for energy lab & tests.