Site factory example

The Challenge

Johnson & Johnson is a multinational Fortune 500 company. Its brands include many household names, and they have thousands of dedicated websites. After our successful site deployments for Biafine and Neutrogena, it became clear Johnson & Johnson needed a more efficient way of distributing and developing their websites. Up to this point, brands and countries were using different hosts and developers. The result was redundancy and long, complex workflows.

Our Strategy

We set up a full service dedicated team, from conception to multi-country deployment. In each case we address specific needs, such as a country's legal terms and rights management issues, deployement, translation, security and performance audits. Starting with a batch of D6 sites in 2011 - including Listerine and Neutrogena - we built a common installation profile. This included identifying standard contrib modules, such as Apache Solr and Varnish. Using the Aegir control panel to simplify deployment and management, we moved many sites from different hosts to our custom cloud hosting solution.

The Benefits

Our optimized development process - from first workshops to fully-integrated multilingual website delivery - saves time and reduces production costs. On the distribution end, our platform has solved the once daunting task of managing many sites on many hosts, with many different instances of Drupal. Brands now share the same host and can work independently, but on the same doc root, avoiding multiple repositories of code. Additionally, our custom verification process blocks non-compliant code. We work faster since we don't have to deal with a variety of hosts and specialists.

facts & figures


First pharmaceutical laboratory in the Fortune 500 (2014)


Consumer Healthcare, Medical devices & diagnostics, pharmaceuticals.

Company size

128,700 employees - 60 countries - 2013 Sales: $71.3 billion

Type of work

Drupal website factories for EMEA consumer brands (multilingual & multi-country)