Afnor is a large certification group and the Kheox project provides strcutured complex content (articles, laws, norms...) related to construction. We need to be able to synchronize data from 20 sources, store it in Drupal and index by an external search engine. The main problem: there are millions of pages. The clients being professionals, we also need to manage external authentication systems and complex grape-like user structures.


The entirety of the data is stored in a MongoDB collection synchronised trough Feeds from external data sources. The data is stored in both HTML and original XML formats. We've also integrated an advanced tables rendering system and an on-the-fly PDF reader to offer a smooth user experience. Finally, we've implemented an advanced comments and notes systems, so users can add personal comments on any document.


Kheox is now fully populated with millions of documents, including complex legal cases. The Antidot search engine offers advanced semantic search capabilities, and thousands of professionnals use the service daily. The system is also used for another large document database: offering even more documents including public secror laws, urban construction rules and legal cases.

facts & figures


Afnor & Group Moniteur joint venture


Normalization & Publishing

Company size

€256M for both groups.

Type of work

Consulting and Drupal Development