The Challenge

Comprised of 400 agencies, Kilotou is a the second largest industrial equipment provider in France. Because of an antiquated workflow and the complexity of synchronizing with hundreds of agencies, they decided upon a new, integrated work structure. In 2010 they approached us with the goal of transitioning from their old custom-coded site to Drupal 6. The aim was to connect their massive database with new ERP and CRM solutions, enabling their clients to get realtime prices and availability of their products.

Our Strategy

We held dozens of on-site workshops, in which we discussed their immediate needs and long-term goals. This resulted in a new look, which we designed, sliced and themed in-house. Also, based on our talks, we produced functional and technical specs, which made the transition as efficient as possible. Due to their specific needs - with hundreds of data points from across their network - we deployed a custom ERP synchronization solution.

The Benefits

With the new site their workflow was significantly improved. Because agents have access to updated data, conflicting equipment hires are no longer an issue. Customers can now query for available equipment directly on the site. Thanks to our fine-tuned implementation of Apache Solr, they can search for machinery and immediately see availability and current prices across hundreds of suppliers in the Kiloutou network. Automated internal processes have resulted in increased productivity and augmented sales.

facts & figures


First French marketplace for equipment rental


Industrial equipment provider

Company size

2,500 employees - 400 agencies - 2013 Sales: €380 million

Type of work

Custom ERP synchronisation solution, Apache SolR implementation, workflow optimization