It was a brand new launch. The newly created 360 team wanted to become a pure player leader in Morocco. With a limited budget as any start-up, we needed to design and integrate a complete media site while removing anything unnecessary from the scope. We got three key obejctives: Facebook and Youtube integrations and to provide a simple way to manage two languages: Arabic and French.


To limit costs we used as much as Drupal and contributed modules from can offer: Views, Panels, Rules, Workflow, Assets, i18n, Domains. Le360 is an example of what Drupal can provide you out of the box. Almost no custom modules were created here.


In less than a year le360 became the pure player with the second highest audience in Morocco. Their small team of journalits created thousands of exclusive articles, hundreds of videos, gaining more than 200,000 Facebook fans. Just with Drupal, standard Drupal.

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Le360 is a Morocco media pure player with content in Arabic and French.


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Top 3 media site in Morocco

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Consulting, design and development of le360