Listerine EMEA - Usine à sites Drupal

The Challenge

Johnson & Johnson's Listerine brand required two responsive websites (B2B and B2C) which could quickly enable media campaigns like the FIFA World Cup in 2014. They also needed the implementation of responsive promotional micro-sites.

Our Strategy

We created a website factory for responsive promotional micro-sites, quickly enabling online campaigns in more than 20 markets. Due to differences in each country, we took into account local settings, such as the impact of language on layout, legal variants in different areas, and on-demand tools.

The Benefits

A turnkey deployment of Listerine's main websites (B2B and B2C) in 12 countries and 10 languages, with more than 150 pages of content in each version. Additionally, six micro-sites deployed in 12 countries, including a right-to-left version. All this done on time despite tight deadlines.

facts & figures


First pharmaceutical laboratory in the Fortune 500 (2014)


Consumer Healthcare, Medical devices & diagnostics, pharmaceuticals.

Company size

128,700 employees - 60 countries - 2013 Sales: $71.3 billion

Type of work

Drupal website factories for EMEA consumer brands (multilingual & multi-country)