The Challenge

Bouwfonds Groupe is an international real estate company with offices in three countries. Their French affiliate needed a modernized version of an old custom-coded site. They required improved UX, including a mobile version; CRM & marketing automation; geolocation for listings; synchronization with SalesForce; data transmission with Marketo; and improved lead conversion tracking. A move to Drupal - with its pre-existing modules for third-party integration - ensured a more maintainable site.

Our Strategy

After collaborative workshops with their digital team, we redesigned, sliced and themed a new site on Drupal 7. For their third-party needs we integrated contributed modules. These include: the Salesforce Suite, so they could sync cities, regions, documents, listings, etc.; Marketo MA for lead data capture; several export modules so Bouwfond's partners could access data, and others. Our aim was elegant and effective third-party integration, and improved user experience, back and front end.

The Benefits

Although a recent project, completed in March 2014, Bouwfonds has already reported positive feedback. Employees enjoy the improved user experience - managing listings and marketing data is much easier. The initial sales and productivity metrics are also encouraging, as well as the advantages of Salesforce and Marketo integration. It is a modern site, built for longevity and maintainability.

facts & figures


Subsidiary of the Rabo Real Estate Group, one of the European leaders in property development


Real estate

Company size

292 employees - 2012 Sales: €46,9 millions

Type of work

SalesForce and Marketo integration with Drupal 7