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The Challenge

Neopost is a global leader in mailroom equipment & logistics systems manufacturing. They have over 6,000 employees, and to manage them they use an intranet site. This single hub facilitates communication and keeps everybody up-to-date. Neopost came to us with a site built with Sharepoint, Microsoft's proprietary platform. It was under-performing, clunky and the employees never used it. They needed an attractive and secure intranet that didn't test the patience of the users.

Our Strategy

Neopost contacted us because of our experience creating similar platforms on Drupal for other large companies. The aim was to improve user experience, while sticking to Neopost's style guide. Then, we custom - tailored an approach based on Acquia's Drupal Commons, with new content types. We also integrated the LDAP module to retrieve user-data from their external site. Finally, they had 25 gigs of pre-existing media, including images, videos, .pdf's and .doc's. Using a custom script, we migrated the content, organizing it into easily understandable categories. Our script also generated thumbnails for the images and videos, improving the navigation of the site.

The Benefits

When the site launched in early 2014, our more intuitive design was an immediate hit with employees. Add to this the dramatic performance improvement due to Drupal's speed, and Neopost now has more employees using the site than ever before. For example, departments like HR are asking to use the site in new ways to improve their job posting workflow. Currently we are working on other evolutions to the site, including multilingual options to further unite the company's global community.


I would like to thank Adyax for all their help and support with our Intranet, based on Drupal Commons. This was a very positive collaboration and enables Neopost to share documents and articles all over the world. We were most impressed by Adyax's technical skills and the team's pro-active approach to our project. They used their resources to meet our tight deadlines and worked well within our budget restraints. We now have an Intranet that really meets our needs in terms of user experience and scalability.

Sandra Teissier-Gourdin
Group Digital Marketing and Communications Manager

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European mailroom equipment leader


Logistics systems (Mailroom equipment & logistics systems manufacturing)

Company size

5,900 employees - 29 countries - 2013 Sales: €1.1 billion

Type of work

Group Intranet development & support