The Challenge

Johnson & Johnson's o.b. brand needed the design and implementation of two websites (one for adults, the other for teens), covering 20 countries in the EMEA and MENA regions. Total of 200 pages of content to be localized in 15 languages, and requiring several on-demand tools: forum, sample form, menstrual calendar... all in a responsive web design, including a right-to-left version.

Our Strategy

We supported all markets through each step of the project, from design to deployment – taking into account the impact of language on the layout, legal variants in different areas, and on-demand tools. This was done by setting up a team and methodological tools to optimize costs, time and quality.

The Benefits

Turnkey deployment of 30 websites in 16 countries, with 13 languages. An average two-week build for eight websites, i.e. a lead time of two months for all websites.

facts & figures


First pharmaceutical laboratory in the Fortune 500 (2014)


Consumer Healthcare, Medical devices & diagnostics, pharmaceuticals.

Company size

128,700 employees - 60 countries - 2013 Sales: $71.3 billion

Type of work

Drupal website factories for EMEA consumer brands (multilingual & multi-country)