Intranets & Collaboration

Large, complex organizations struggle to centralize and coordinate corporate communications. Difficulties include maintaining transparency, coordination, brand control, communications and access due to the tendency for working groups to silo use of technology to support unique needs. Most companies have an “intranet,” yet most are unused and lack the features and user experience that would benefit employees and business. At Adyax, we help companies circumvent the challenge of multiple, often poorly adopted solutions by designing an enterprise information portal strategy, or HR portal strategy, which includes the creation of an enterprise collaboration portal or platform for moving company content, communications and collaboration to a web-based interface with access from desk, laptop or mobile devices. Our strategy is customized to each company’s unique culture, needs, and structure.


  • Wide support for the needs of your employees and business, including employee knowledge management, e-learning, company calendars, news, tasks, announcements, employee directories, and even social networking
  • Ability to connect internal and remote employees, as well as partners or clients
  • Excellent support for online social connection, working groups and collaboration
  • Easily integrated into existing business systems to support or improve existing workflows and business processes


  • Drupal collaboration portal; see benefits of Drupal for web content management / CMS
  • Full integration with ADFS, supporting SAML, Oauth, LDAP or Shibboleth protocols
  • Multiple level notifications system (web push, mail, SMS, in-app notifications)
  • Advanced security (password policy, advanced ACLs, anti-XSS protections)
  • Integrated RESTful API using XML or JSON protocols
  • Management of multiples countries, regions, towns, clusters, office / retail locations
  • Events and calendar
  • Job postings workflow
  • Open or closed collaborative groups
  • Follow people, subjects or groups
  • Comment and rating systems