Digital Assets Management / DAM

Businesses of any size are bound to create a wide array of digital media: videos, audio files, images, and various visual content. Adyax’s Drupal digital assets management solutions allow for the consolidation of assets, company-wide, into a central location. We can custom build a Drupal DAM or improve an open source DAM experience, perhaps integrating to an existing application. The goal is to consolidate and share existing media material to those within your company from a single point of access. Adyax’s Drupal DAM provides an open source approach to sorting digital assets and content while allowing for great flexibility across digital experiences and devices.


  • All kinds of digital data retrieved, backed up, indexed, imported and exported
  • Easy distribution to support all marketing initiatives
  • Custom-configured to suit each business's unique structure and needs
  • Signature approach to consolidation and business efficiency


  • Real-time synchronisation of assets with existing DAM (using flat files or web-services API)
  • Validation and localisation workflow (with dashboards, notifications, and alerts)
  • Semantic search over assets and metadata (suggestions, facets, basket like features)
  • Multiple formats conversions
  • Bulk operations on assets
  • Asynchronous and secure sharing process
  • Management of taxonomies, ontologies and tags to index and classify your assets
  • HTML widgets, landing pages or even mini-sites management