Digital Transformation Solutions

When we speak about digital transformation, we refer to the creation of web and mobile enterprise business applications that transform business activities and processes to harness the power of digital. Our clients who have standardized on Drupal for its advantages in both web content management and application development are able to rethink solutions and improve a wide variety of business process and results. Examples of digital transformation projects include innovation and product creation, workflow applications, operations management solutions, communications solutions and more.


  • Incremental approach to digital transformation strategy
  • Improves customer and user experience / brand reputation
  • Helps with retention of target users, whether customers or employees
  • Streamlines and consolidates operations, leading to reduction in cost
  • Helps to extend organizational reach
  • Supports digital business, sales, and new product development
  • Establishes a culture of digital savvy and innovation


  • Full integration of ERP, CRM, ECM, DAM, PIM or other IT applications
  • Mobile-ready with full offline mode support 
  • Workflows, notifications and synchronization of business objects in Drupal
  • Imports, exports, and a full set of back-office dashboards
  • Supports bulk operations on data and content
  • Integrated API in any format : REST JSON, SOAP, XML-RPC
  • Business analytics and reports available in your application
  • Benefits of over 30.000 existing Drupal modules reducing time to market and application costs (VS .NET, JAVA or Symfony frameworks)