B2C & B2B eCommerce Solutions

Several of the world’s leading brands trust Adyax and Drupal ecommerce to power complex ecommerce and transactional solutions. Basic eCommerce frameworks have costly limitations; they tend to strain under larger loads, fail to offer content and design flexibility to support marketing needs while offering little in terms of customization to meet unique business needs, existing systems, and long term business support. Adyax’s open source ecommerce solutions optimize user experience, streamline processes, and introduce technical efficiency to the business. Furthermore, our B2C and B2B ecommerce software solutions are flexible and scalable, allowing for expansion and improvement of transaction models, digital strategy and cross-platform user experience.


  • Paves the way for innovation
  • Streamlines marketing and commerce efforts
  • Faster path to awareness, conversion, and growth


  • Fully integrated with SAP, JDEdwards, M3 or Microsoft Dynamics ERP
  • Multiples countries, languages, currencies and catalog management
  • Data exports and imports using XML, JSON, SOAP or CSV/XLS
  • Complete order management system
  • Loyalty, gifts, rewards and wrap messages support
  • Integration with major marketing systems (Salesforce, SugarCRM, Marketo, Mailchimp…)
  • Integrated customer service ticketing system
  • B2B multiple levels clients support (organization, entities, business units, etc..)
  • B2B per client price-lists
  • Powerful rules based promotions engine
  • Third-party shipping API integration