Multi Platform Distribution / Media CMS

Digital-first media publication helps with business agility, innovation and reach. Adyax’s media CMS & publishing CMS solutions support multiple business initiatives and unique business processes/workflows. We help media companies work to adapt traditional media strategies towards digital solutions that help keep up with usability and technology demands. Our Drupal CMS solutions for media and publishing allow for a faster path to product innovation, flexible models for subscription management, customer adoption and engagement, and expansion of content distribution.


  • User-friendly, digital-first content creation
  • Easy export to print media systems
  • Improved content organization and architecture
  • Improved targeting and personalization
  • Timeline and scheduling in advance, advanced preview of future digital publication


  • Customized and user-friendly content authoring (WYSIWYG, spellchecker, “drag-n-drop” assets integration)
  • Named entities auto-tagging, advanced ontologies, powerful semantic search
  • Social media integration (eg. open-graph actions) Facebook, Twitter cards, Instagram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn
  • Chatbot integration
  • Flexible, with easy landing page and home page management
  • Includes workflow, versioning and scheduling
  • Supports import of external content from different sources (API, XML, CSV, HTML)
  • Supports print and preview
  • Integrated digital assets management (HD videos and images, conversions, copyrights, usage tickets)