Multisites & Factories

Businesses that have multiple sites to manage across multiple brands, geographies, or subsidiary businesses can eliminate duplication of effort and streamline site building and maintenance by using a platform consolidation solution, such as a Drupal multisite or Drupal website factory. Both introduce the advantages of common architecture and a shared code base, speeding up the path to site launch, localization, updates, and maintenance. Adyax’s Drupal 7 multisite and Drupal 8 multisite or website factory and site consolidation solutions allow for a company to release many web projects under coordinated governance, saving valuable time and effort.


  • Lower overall cost of ownership
  • Common training and platform guidelines
  • Centralized multisite management and updates
  • Localization solutions for global markets


  • Shared distribution / installation (core, theme, modules, upgrades, dev-ops)
  • Support for unique individual sites (databases, content and rules)
  • Faster path to multiple website building, launch, localization, maintenance and support
  • Setup may be based on Docman / Jenkins, Aegir, Acquia Sites Factory or Domain Access Drupal module