Retail Operations Management

Many retailers are exploring ways to leverage digital tools to streamline retail operations management efforts, create consistency across retail experiences, and better communicate with global operations teams. At Adyax, we know that operations management solutions and point of sale software systems require much more than “at the cash register” transactions. A good digital retail solution can help transform and improve upon traditional retail operations and customer retail experiences in every brick and mortar location of your business – worldwide. Adyax’s operations management solutions fully integrate traditional point of sale software into a powerful intranet that is easy to manage for the business, and easy to maintain both globally and regionally. These solutions allow for control over scheduling, pricing, inventory, discounts, events, requests and task management, and even training.


  • Company transparency; connecting employees at every level
  • Coordinates both downstream and upstream communication
  • Easy to communicate changes throughout the company (pricing, promotions)
  • Supports localization initiatives (based on regional, local, company-wide needs)
  • Fastest path to convert marketing and business strategy to retail profitability
  • Clear view of insight, feedback, analytics, success


  • Drupal retail operations management portal built on a flexible and agile platform
  • HTML5 indexed database with offline mode support
  • Fully integrated tasks assignment, to-do lists management, and in-store activities planning
  • Catalog integration with PIM or ERP or via simple XLS / XML imports
  • Advanced integrated business analytics
  • Merchandising and promotions management
  • Two way alerts and notifications