Web Content Management / CMS

At Adyax, we design and develop both enterprise content management solutions and business solutions, including to design, delivery, and support custom enterprise content management software. Adyax’s Drupal enterprise CMS platforms power a wide array of marketing and communications initiatives for diverse industries and for some of the world’s most powerful brands. Our Drupal enterprise web content management solutions showcase our commitment to content strategy, user experience, technical efficiency and improving digital business.


  • Centralize your content and communications to a leading, flexible platform
  • Customize a solution that meets the unique needs of your business
  • Support for custom workflows, localization rules, and business systems integration (marketing, business and IT systems including DAM, CRM, ERP, AD)


  • Workflows and user management (integration to AD, SSO)
  • Structured complex content (fields, content types, content relationships)
  • Dashboards and semantic search engine, notifications and alerts
  • Flexible templates and page-builder with simple “drag-n-drops”
  • User friendly authoring experience with in-site front-end editing
  • Full mobile support with responsive, mobile versions, user-agent detection or dynamic serving
  • Complete SEO and analytics pack
  • Full localization framework
  • Imports, exports and external data sources integration using APIs or flat file, using batch or real-time synchronization
  • Advanced caching system with smart and real-time cache invalidation (Varnish, Redis, Memcached)