Audits & Performance Optimization

We offer unique and extremely thorough auditing packages for our clients. Large global brands like Johnson & Johnson and LVMH have come to us after underperforming sites could not be optimized by their old developers. We've won their trust and continued business because of our attention to detail.

Everybody claims to do Drupal nowadays, but only a small minority do it the right way. Drupal code that conforms to best practices ensures performance, simplified maintenance and avoids regressions. Our audits covers over 200 control check points including:

  • Drupal Development process: does your team use GIT, Features, Strong Arm and Drush, or do you deploy using FTP and back-office?
  • Drupal Performance: all pages on your site should load in less than 2 seconds – is it the case today? Do you know how to effeciently implement Varnish, Memcached, APC, SOLR, Redis or Mongo? Are you able to automatically reset caches in Akamai?
  • Drupal Security: SQL injections, CSRF, XSS, multiple admins account, webforms, SPAM and white testing of your code.
  • Architecture: wondering why you have 100 content types and blocks pages that are impossible to admin? We'll provide you the best Drupal architecture possible, with the right content structure and usage of awesome modules.
  • Drupal Code quality: Do you have SQL in your theme? Hacked contrib modules? Hacked core? One big module doing everything? Hard coded identities? Well we'll see it all and report to you.

Drupal performance optimization

Drupal Optimizations

Once audited, we have a team of DevOps who have both sysadmin and Drupal expertise. They know how to setup your Drupal platform and can help your hosting partner to make your Drupal platform freakishly fast. The optimization of a site is a complex process. It requires developer intervention, as well as system administrators. Amongst our areas of expertise:

  • Query optimization, make your MySQL breath (Panels, Views, Drupal core and custom queries optimisations)
  • Implementation of ESI or JS blocs / panels loading so you can manage multiple TTLs on same page
  • Activation and installation of cache management modules so you can reset caches for listing, home pages or search results automatically
  • Implementation of classic toolbox packages like Varnish, Memcached, MongoDB, APC, ZendOpcache, Redis, etc.
  • SOLR Cluster setup: so you can have a performant search solution regardless of your trafic or search index size.
  • MySQL Cluster for Drupal: so even authenticated transactions will be fast (e-commerce, social networks, entreprise applications)