Drupal distributions & sites factory

Enterprise demand for Drupal sites factories has been booming. We've successfully deployed hundreds of sites using internal Drupal Distribution specially designed for our clients (LVMH, Johnson&Johnson, Saint-Gobain, France Télévisions, Eurail) or used community distributions (Commons, Open Atrium, COD, Commerce Kick-Start). 

Cases for Drupal Sites Factory

  • You have several Drupal websites to maintain
  • You need highly secure, performant and standard Drupal installations
  • Your Drupal applications share the same business features: CRM / ERP / PIM / DAM / SSO / AD integrations, workflow, standard set of tempaltes, re-usable content types or taxonomies, external data sources, etc.
  • You need to reduce the total cost of ownership and time-to-market for your sites.

Why a site factory method instead of a site-by-site approach?

  • Better: as you re-use a standard set of feature accross all your websites using a distribution, you set up a bottom line in terms of security, quality and performance, regardless of the agency you work with.
  • Cheaper and faster: all your common features are included in your distribution. You only work on specific site-related features and the front-end, reducing the cost and time-to-market of each project
  • Easy to maintain: based on our multi-site docroot management system, each bug hunted on the distribution is immediately (and almost automatically) closed on all sites sharing that distribution. Even if you have 100 or 1000 sites using it!
  • Control: as we've added our code quality audit system and automatic functional testing framework, every single commit goes trough a large set of checks. While it will not avoid bugs, you can control overall quality of codebase of all your sites.
  • Isolation: each agency or team works on their site independetly, while sites are hosted with hundreds of others without any impact.

Large scale website distributions - especially on Drupal - can be a daunting task, requiring extreme care and know-how. We can't stress it enough: best practices and streamlined solutions make for easier maintenance and a site ecosystem with more longevity.

How it works

Well, first, it's all open-source and based on robust tools like Jenkins, Git, Gitlab, Drush or Mink. You can check our site factory (Docroot Management) on GitHub. Not crystal clear yet? Want your own Drupal Factory? Drop us an email!

You can also check our vertical distributions: